Is the 7th Continent Replayable? What You Need to Know

I’ve played a lot of 7th continent and one of the major questions people have is… how much replayability does the game have? It’s a valid concern when playing a game of this type and one that I will answer completely in the rest of the article!

Is the 7th Continent replayable? The 7th Continent is completely replayable and has a lot of variation due to multiple curses and expansions adding great new content, not to mention the world changes in subtle ways each time you play the game. However, after 100’s of hours, most likely, you will have seen most of what the 7th Continent has to offer and you will probably shelf it until you buy more content expansions.

Even if you do shelf it after 100’s of hours it will still totally have been worth it! Let’s talk about what impacts replayability.

Exploration Cards

Exploration cards are separated into separate tiers, sections 1-10, and depending on where you are geographically on the island you will pull a different tier of card. Every single time you flip over a new terrain card you will have to load these exploration cards up and so even if you are re-exploring the same area in the same curse playthrough the exploration events will be different.

This mechanic alone adds a lot of replay value to the game and makes retreading familiar ground feel different.

Hidden Information

The 7th Continent has a lot of hidden items and events. Some terrain cards have hard to see #’s and you can easily miss them if you aren’t watching diligently. You may travel to an area you’ve been before and a hidden # will catch your eye on the 3rd time, changing your experience.

A lot of terrain cards have flora on them that you may or may not recognize. There are actions in the game where you can learn botanical information about the local flora and it will allow you to do different things, create items, and much more(don’t want to spoil it for anyone reading). This will make it so that you can perform different actions on the same terrain cards depending on your current level of botanical knowledge.


Some areas may have a little banner symbol on them with a blank space in the middle of the banner. That banner symbol corresponds to another card in the game that will have a number on its banner. This card may be an item or even an animal; it can be almost anything. When you add the # in the banner to the corresponding card # that contains the blank banner it will take you to a hidden card that you previously could not access. This will drastically alter how that area plays out.


The 7th Continent has a lot of curses and a lot of expansions. Each of these is going to drastically change the base experience of the core box set. So, on top of replayability, it has a very large amount of content for you to play through.

Base Box Curses

  • The Bloody Hunt
  • The Voracious Goddess
  • An Offering to the Guardians
  • The Dark Chest of the Damned

What Goes Up Must Come Down

  • A Prison of Clouds
  • The Veins of The Earth
  • A Beacon in the Night
  • A Crystal’s Song
  • Armageddon

2015 Kickstarter Expansion Pack Curses

  • The Icy Maze
  • The Swamps of Madness
  • The Forbidden Sanctuary

Combining Curses

Another way to vary up your experience, and to make it harder is to combine curses. You will have to take actions in a different order and the difficulty compared to playing with one curse is increased for each curse added. You may have played an area with an interesting event but you didn’t have the exact right item to progress because it was related to another curse.

The Continent

You will not see everything on the continent on your first playthrough or even your 10th. Some areas are segmented off and gated for progress so as you play more curses and you traverse the continent more times you will see more and more of it.

The Sheer # of Cards and Amount of Content

If you add up all of the expansions and curses you are at around 2000 total cards in the 7th Continent. It takes quite a while to play through most curses and if you play this game over years the sheer amount of content and the time it takes to play through it will help with replayability because you will end up forgetting some of it.

Many terrain cards have multiple instances for the same action. So the hole you put your hand into last playthrough may have something different this time!


There are many different explorers to choose from when you start each playthrough. Each explorer has 5 unique cards that can completely change how you approach various situations. One explorer, or character/class, as they are called in other games, may be better at fighting while another is better at hunting or fishing.

The explorers strengths and weaknesses will change your approach to surviving on the 7th Continent and taking different explorers, or combinations of explorers, can really make a new run feel fresh as you tackle familiar areas in very different methods.


One of my favorite parts of the game is the puzzles. Some of the puzzles are static but some actually have different solutions depending on your current curse and different items. This means you might solve a puzzle differently on each playthrough!


The 7th Continent is a survival game first and as you play you craft various items. Each explorer brings unique items, as part of their 5 cards, and also you will have the chance to find new items to make as you play. Make sure to check out my Ultimate Item Guide so you have a good understanding of how items, and especially food, work!

Ultimately the 7th Continent has quite a bit of replayability thanks to so many great, interlocking mechanisms which provide a variable experience every single time. The $ value per hour on this game is phenomenal!

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